Why Micro-surfacing

Used at the right time, micro-surfacing is an effective, cost-saving form of pavement preservation and we're the right company for the job.

So what exactly is 'micro-surfacing'? It's a polymer-modified, cold-application paving system utilizing specialized equipment that apply high quality aggregates to create a long-lasting wearing surface on good, strong pavements.

Bottom line, it's a form of pavement preservation that more and more decision makers involved in maintaining and building highways, roadways, neighborhood streets and airport runways are using to dramatically extend the life of their pavement, saving money over the long run while improving overall safety, too.

Micro-surfacing can be used on pavements suffering from the following conditions:

  • Loss of skid resistance
  • Oxidation
  • Raveling
  • Surface permeability
  • Rut damage
Micro-surfacing is the far better solution for pavement preservation.

The difference is clear. This photo shows a roadway divided by two counties. The one on the left went the Mill & Fill route while the one on the right chose to add a micro-surfacing treatment to the mix. The difference between the two surfaces four years later are dramatic!


The full-width wearing surface is the most common application. It is often a single-course process adding about 3/8" thickness to the existing surface. Or, a double course can be applied making an even more robust wearing surface. Either way, adjustments to manholes, inlets, etc. are not necessary. Different aggregate gradations can be used to affect surface texture and overall wearability.

By implementing a proactive pavement preservation plan that incorporates crack sealing, minor patching and micro-surfacing, the overall life of the surface can be extended by as much as 45 years. Compare that to performing major rehabilitation of the surface that extends the life of the surface by about 22 years and you're getting an additional 20+ years of service.

Asphalt Maintenance Comparison shows cost savings.
Chart showing pavement life extended buy microsurfacing

Cost Savings + Higher Service Level

There are cost savings to be gained as well. Rather than spend $375,000/mile on major rehabilitation, you instead spend $10,000/mile on distress repair, have two micro-surfacing treatments spread out over a several year period each at $50,000/mile and many years down the line the surface would then need minor rehabilitation at $250,000/mile bringing your total M & R Cost to $360,000/mile - that's a $15,000/mile savings.

Effects of Reactive Service
Effects of Pro-Active Service

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Let Microsurfacing Contractors, LLC, advise you if your asphalt surface is ready for micro-surfacing. Our pavement professionals will bring more than 40 years experience in delivering projects on time, on budget and performed safely, every step of the way. As a three-time winner of the President Award, presented by the International Slurry Seal Association, we understand the importance of delivering quality on every single contract, always looking to exceed expectations.

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